My name is Raffael Vogler, born in Mainz, spent three years in Berlin, three years in Munich and currently live in Hamburg. I enjoy only very few things more than learning about “whatever holds the world within its inmost folds” [1] – which is why I spend (sometimes too much) time with the stuff you can read about (and look at) on this web-site.

If you want to know more about me, check out my profiles listed at the bottom of this page or just shoot me a message! Also suggestions for topics, general feedback and corrections are welcome.

You’re welcome to contact me!

mail?raffael-vogler.de [80FC9550]

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[1]: Goethe / Faust (though I am not trying to succeed at doing so applying theology and most certainly not law – but at times I get a bit philosophical and some of the articles are medically relevant)

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