Welcome to joyofdata!

On joyofdata exclusively ads from AdSense are displayed which meet the following requirements:

  • the ad is neither animated
  • nor moving
  • and of optimized potential relevance to my readers

To assure those points I do my best configuring and maintaining AdSense appropriately.

Please consider whitelisting my web-site in your AdBlocker. 

So long and thanks for all the fish!


PS: I myself am an avid user of various ad blocking tools; but I made a habit of giving a web-site every now and then the benefit of a doubt and get an idea of the “ad situation” there. For me the motivation of blocking ads is primarily b/c I find moving and animated ads super annoying and distracting! I have no patience for anything blinking next to a text I try to read. Those kind of ads are banned from my web site. Regarding the tracking of my surfing behavior – I simply tolerate that (NSA is tracking me anyway) – and it can be convenient to be displayed ads which are actually of interest to me. If a web site turns out to be well-mannered with regard to the above described points then I deactivate my ad blocker for the respective domain name. In case you adhere to a zero-tolerance policy regarding web ads – no hard feelings – enjoy!