PowerPivot complains about “not enough memory”

“The operation has been cancelled because there is not enough memory available for the application.”

Recently I experienced occasional errors regarding lack of memory when trying to import big data sets with PowerPivot. I am using Excel 32bit so the maxium theoretical in-memory size of an Excel file is 4GB. But judging from the memory usage displayed in the task manager it quickly became clear that I wasn’t even getting close to this boundary.

The solution apparently was to just update to the newest PowerPivot version, which currently seems to be 11.0.3129.0. I write “seems to be” because it is the newest version I found using google – searching for “powerpivot excel 2010 download”. The first link in the result list leads to PowerPivot 10.50.4000.0 though. That already created confusion in my company because Excel files created with PowerPivot 11 can’t be properly used with PowerPivot 10. So make sure you chosse the freshest version.

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