Increase of Deaths Due to Viral Hepatitis in Germany 1998

absolute fatalities caused by viral hepatitis from 1991 until 2010The term ‘hepatitis’

The term Hepatitis is not referring to a specific disease or virus but generally refers to an inflammation of the liver (greek ‘hepar’). Responsible for such a condition can be viruses (not just the ones referred to as Hepatitis A to E), poisoning or mechanic traumas. In this article I am referring to viral hepatitis.

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GENESIS – the online source for statistics on Germany

The German Federal Office of Statistics (Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland) maintains a web site called GENESIS which offers a huge amount of statistics available with a few mouse clicks. Unfortunately the web site is only offered in German language and a tad clumsy to use. But still, a wide variety of topics regarding German economics, society and politics is covered – which makes this source indispensable.

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