Insider deals for DAX companies for the past ten years

Out of pure curiosity I wanted to have a closer look at insider tradings / director’s dealings of people associated with the top 30 corportations in Germany – currently listed in the DAX. By law high-ranking managers of a company and people closely related to them have to report their tradings of the respectives company’s stocks. To make this pile of tradings more easily accessible I wrote a tool using the JavaScript library¬†d3.js that shows the stock quotes on a weekly basis (red bar from lowest quote to highest quote that week) and an orange bar for the weeks where insider tradings were done. When you click on an orange bar then a table below the chart is displayed / updated where the details are listed of the separate deals that were executed.

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Correlations of quotes for 30 German stocks

For a new data article I thought it would be interesting to see if a tabular visualization of stock quote correlations might unveil interesting patterns. So for the purpose of investigating the correlations I came up with a little javascript web application that allows you to zoom into a scatter plot matrix, a density plot matrix and a correlogram (next to each other) to have closer look at an individual plot for two stocks.

Stock quotes zoomerThe top row keeps the maps and the bottom row the respective magnifying areas. On the right hand side you will find explanations on how to use this tool and further explanatory links. The combination of placing red and green mark lines aiming at a field at a high zoom level allows you to quickly locate the plot you are looking for.

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