Pentaho Kettle 4.4 database repository under the hood

We are using Pentaho Kettle 4.4 for realizing ETL processes and to make the involved jobs centrally accessible those are stored in a database repository. Given that several proxies separate my VPN access to the database holding the repo a latency was to be expected and in the beginning not too bothersome. But proportional to the complexity of the processes grew the time involved in loading and storing of jobs and transformations until a point was reached where this was no longer acceptable (up to a minute for storing an edited job f.x.) and a solution to this had to be found.

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SunCertPathBuilderException in PDI/Kettle

For executing an HTTPS request with a Java software like Kettle / PDI you need to provide a certificate for the domain the request is going to address. A possible error message for a request to using the “HTTP client” step from the “Lookup” section might look like this:

I’ll show you in this article how to deal with this issue on Windows.
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